Revista Trastornos del Ánimo 2021 Inglés

Considerations regarding physical activity in bipolar disorder, mechanisms, recommendations and limitations. Antonio Morales R.
Mood Disorders in time of Covid-19: Challenges and Opportunities. Daniela Waissbluth P.
Depression and psychological well-being in university students: A Theoretical Review. José Luis Rossi M., Juan Pablo Jiménez D., Paulina Barros V., Bárbara Said P.Mood Disorders in Teleworking in the context of Covid-19. María Gisela Vallejo H.
Depression and Psychological Treatments: ¿Who are the expert Voices?. Víctor Gómez P., Wilsa Szabo L., Mirko Martinic J.

Analysis of a clinical case of Bipolar afecctive disorder and Covid-19 with a Phenomenological approach. 
María Consuelo Saavedra A.